We believe that nowadays, in an always connected world, in which brands, artists and products need to be always communicating and in order to do so they need to create great content, regardless of the medium in which it will ultimately live on.

We believe that we need to defy the status quo by treating all projects equally, puting the same effort in all types of content and ultimately creating a high end product. 

We believe in a 360º, multidisciplinary and modular production concept that aims to meet all the needs of its customers, putting at your service all of our storytelling know-how and technical expertise in order to maintain consistency in all of your content.

We achieve all of this by putting our disruptive and innovative stamp in everything we do, without ever losing our main objective, which is both narrative and visual quality of our/your projects.

Madstudios is a production company boutique with the purpose of delivering high end content with a special focus on advertising, music videos, branded content, institutional/corporate films and photography.

It is for all these reasons that brands like Sagres, Sumol, Revenge of the 90s, Continente, Microsoft, EDP, Worten, Knorr, BPI, among others, have trusted us with the creation of their content during our five years of existence.

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